Harsh Mander is an activist who works with survivors of mass violence & hunger, as well as homeless persons & street children. He is the Director of the Centre for Equity Studies & is a Special Commissioner to the Supreme Court in the Right to Food case. He is associated with various social causes, including issues of communal harmony, tribal, Dalit, disabled persons’ rights, RTI, among others.

Halting the Hate

The picturesque districts of coastal Karnataka today seethe with dark and dangerous communal animosities and hate mobilisation.


The Uncaring State

These have been harrowing expeditions into the darkest recesses of our souls. The Karwan e Mohabbat has completed 22 journeys across 12 states in 12 months.


The witch-hunting of Karola

Our last visit to a family targeted by hate violence in this phase of the Karwan was to a single Dalit woman Dahiben in Karola village in the tribal Panchmahals district of Gujarat