#Covid 19 #Fundraiser

The second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic in India has unleashed a humanitarian crisis of unprecedented proportions. Across India, families are begging desperately for hospital beds, oxygen, vaccines, food and work security.

To mitigate the distress of the current health and economic disaster we have started to extend solidarity relief in the following ways:

Providing oxygen concentrators, oximeters, masks and sanitizers to homeless and other poorest populations

Organizing oxygen langars for the homeless in Delhi so they have access to emergency medical relief

Testing and treatment of the most vulnerable

Food and ration kits to the homeless, riot survivors in Delhi, and other most vulnerable families such as those in the river islands of Assam, women-led refugee families and transgender people

Pensions and educational support for widow survivors of hate violence and their children who are even more vulnerable during this unprecedented humanitarian crisis, as well as health care and disability rehabilitation

Help in dignified funerals

Your support is invaluable.

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Harsh Mander: A lesson in how to end the mass suffering unleashed by India’s first lockdown

A  spectacularly uncaring, unaccountable state has abandoned Indians to their fate. Bodies are piling up, pyres burn late into the night, and corpses are buried in anonymous mass graves. Loved ones are choking to death because their governments failed to secure them oxygen. Vaccines have fallen short in a country that prides itself as the vaccine factory of the world. Black marketeering thrives in life-saving hospital beds, medicines and oxygen concentrators. Confused lockdowns have once again spurred the panicked exodus of millions of migrant workers. Hunger mounts in the households of informal casual workers who have nowhere to flee.

The second wave of the pandemic is again holding the country hostage. It is shaking the foundations of our republic, betraying its iridescent pledges of equality, justice and fraternity. All the while, as the economy contracts alarmingly, tens of millions of impoverished Indians face an invisible calamity of mass hunger and stolen jobs.

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